Place of Service Codes list in medical billing (2023)

What is the Place of service codes in medical billing?

Place of Service Codes Contains two-digit. Without the place of service code, you cannot determine the location of the treatment. on of the Most regular used places of services are Inpatient(21), Outpatient(22),Ambulatory(24),Emergency service(23).

The place of service can be billed in CMS or HCFA 1500 claim form. You can check Box number-24B to find the services rendered.

The insurance company can deny the claim and stop the payment on account of no place of service billed on the claim form.

cms1500 place of service
Box 24 b has the place of service information


Place of service codes list as follows

Place of Service Codes List Place of Service Codes – POS Name Place of Service Codes – POS Description
POS 1 Pharmacy Place where drugs, medications, related items are dispensed.
POS 2 Telehealth  location, where telecommunication technologies for enhancing patient’s health care.
POS 3 School A Facility provides purpose in education.
POS 4 Homeless Shelter temporary housing to homeless individuals and families.
POS 5 Indian Health Service Free Standing Facility provides health care services to American Indians and Alaska Natives for free. (No hospitalization)
POS 6 Indian Health Service Provider-based Facility provides health care services to American Indian and Alaska Natives as Inpatients or Outpatients.
POS 7 Tribal 638 Free-standing Facility A facility for diagnostic, rehabilitation services, therapeutic, surgical,non-surgical for tribal members without hospitalization under 638 agreements.
POS 8 Tribal 638 Provider-based Facility A facility for diagnostic, rehabilitation services, therapeutic surgical, and non-surgical for tribal members admitted as inpatients or outpatients under 638 agreements.
POS 9 Prison/Correctional Facility Prisons, jail, maintained by Federal. For rehabilitation or juvenile criminal offenders.
POS 10 Unassigned N/A
POS 11 Office visit block# 24B  office visits were performed or rendered to the patient.
POS 11- Office visit description :
It is the non-facility, for health examinations, diagnosis, or injury on an ambulatory basis. Example: SNF –Skilled Nursing Facility, Local Public health clinic, ICF –Intermediate Care Facility.
POS 12 Home The patient receives health care services in their individual private residence.
POS 13 Assisted Living Facility senior citizens who need 24/7 assistance such as Medications, including bathing, Dressing, and grooming. especially meal preparation.
POS 14 Group Home * Home or location where people live together in a group .behavioral services, custodial service
POS 15 Mobile Unit
Moves from place to place. Services include diagnostic, Preventive screening
POS 16 Temporary Lodging
 Hotel,  hostel, cruise ship place patient render the service
POS 17 Walk-in Retail Health Clinic
Walk-in clinic and not described. provide primary care service and preventative health care services.
POS 18
Place of Employment-Worksite  Professional, workers being a patient serviced as the individual.
POS 19 Off Campus-Outpatient Hospital
Off-campus hospital provider provides diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, nonsurgical, Rehabilitation services to the patient.  sick or injured and doesn’t require hospitalization.
POS 20 Urgent Care Facility
 requires immediate care (Ambulatory patients seeking immediate medical attention). Example- hospital emergency room, office, or clinic.
POS 21 Inpatient Hospital (HCFA 1500 Form) on block# 24B to specify an Inpatient Hospital were rendered.
POS 21- Inpatient Hospital:
Place of Service 21 is Facility patients admitted for varieties of medical conditions.  such as therapeutic-surgical and non-surgical, diagnostic, and rehabilitation services.
POS 22 On Campus-Outpatient Hospital Place of Service code 22 on block# 24B to specify an On Campus-Outpatient Hospital were rendered.
POS 21- On Campus-Outpatient Hospital:
Place of Service 22 provides health care services to patients. injured and doesn’t require hospitalization.
POS 23 Emergency Room Hospital  Emergency health care services were performed.
POS 24 Ambulatory Surgical Center Place of Service code 24 is a healthcare facility, Ambulatory Surgical Center other than a physician office,  performed in an ambulatory basis.
POS 25 Birthing Center A medical facility for maternity Birthing Center provides immediate care of newborn infants.
POS 26 Military Treatment Facility A location or place includes military health care, hospitals and clinics, and those facilities under contract with the Government to provide health care services for members of the uniformed services.
POS 27-30 Unassigned N/A
POS 31 Skilled Nursing Facility A facility for speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medications, supplies, equipment
POS 32 Nursing Facility  primarily provides skilled nursing care to residents.
POS 33 Custodial Care Facility A facility for services, room, board to the individual on a long run
POS 34 Hospice A facility for terminally ill patients.
POS 35-40 Unassigned N/A
POS 41 Ambulance – Land  a vehicle equipped with life-support equipment,
POS 42 Ambulance – Air or Water a vehicle with special equipment  such as air or water
POS 43-48 Unassigned N/A
POS 49 Independent Clinic not part of a hospital diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, or palliative services to outpatients only.
POS 50 Federally Qualified Health Center Federally Qualified Health Center in underserved areas and populations.
POS 51 Inpatient Psychiatric Facility A facility for mental illness on a 24-hour basis, under the supervision of a physician.
POS 52 Psychiatric Facility-Partial Hospitalization  The doctor’s or therapist’s office doesn’t require an overnight stay.
POS 53 Community Mental Health Center A facility for Counseling, Mental Health Assessment, primary care, and Psychological and education services.
POS 54 Intermediate Care Facility/ Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities A facility for above the level of custodial care, but SNF not covered
POS 55 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facility A facility for residential settings for substance abuse. Example – psychological testing, family counseling, drugs and supplies, and room and board.
POS 56 Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center provides structured therapeutic program, for people who have various mental illnesses
POS 57 Non-residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facility A Facility for an ambulatory basis. includes psychological testing, individual or group therapy, counseling, laboratory testing, family counseling, drugs, and supplies.
POS 58-59 Unassigned N/A
POS 60 Mass Immunization Center A location for pneumococcal pneumonia and influenza virus vaccination such as mass immunization public health.
POS 61 Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility A facility for physical disabilities. occupational therapy, and prosthetics and orthotics services.
POS 62 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility A facility for outpatient rehabilitation services under the supervision of a physician. Include physical therapy, speech pathology services, and occupational therapy.
POS 63-64 Unassigned N/A
POS 65 End-Stage Renal Disease Treatment Facility A facility for end-stage renal disease(ESRD) on an ambulatory or home-care basis.
POS 66-70 Unassigned N/A
POS 71 Public Health Clinic A clinic provides ambulatory primary medical care services. maintained by either State or local health departments.
POS 72 Rural Health Clinic A certified clinic located in rural provides ambulatory primary medical care under the general direction of a provider.
POS 73-80 Unassigned N/A
POS 81 Independent Laboratory Facility for Diagnostic laboratory tests and/or clinical tests that is independent of a hospital or a physician’s office.
POS 82-98 Unassigned N/A
POS 99 Other Place of Service Other places of service not identified above.

Questionnaire flowchart for Place of service denial

Once you find your claim denied for an incorrect place of service billed on the claim form. Refer to the above table and find the appropriate one to bill the claim for payment. You can also call the representative and clarify the correct POS- Place of service to be billed.

Question to be asked -Flow chart

invalid place of service denial scenario
Probe the rep with these questions for a place of service denial


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