Worker Compensation Insurance Claim mailing address list

Worker Compensation claims mailing address list


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As you all know one of the difficult payers to reach is Worker Compensation because of its numerous department in each state. Don’t worry you will get the list of all Worker’s compensation phone numbers and Claims mailing addresses in this post. This table has Workers Compensation insurance name in Column A, Claims mailing address in Column B, Phone number in Column C.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance? and how it works?

In simple terms, Workers Compensation is for employees’ benefit. This insurance can cover work-related injuries or illness in other words it is called Workman’s comp insurance. As a result, if an employee gets injured at work or sick, Medical expenses of the particular work-related illness/injuries will be covered. Importantly, it can also help replace wages when lost work.

What Are the Three Types of Workers’ Compensation?

There are three types of benefits

  • Medical-Only Coverage
  • Temporary Disability
  • Permanent Disability.

Table for Worker Compensation Insurance claims address and phone number

Names of Worker Compensation Insurance company Claims mailing Address list Phone Numbers list
ACCIDENT FUND Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 40790, LANSING, MI, 48901-7990517-342-4200
Ace American Insurance Company Claims mailing addressPO BOX 6561, SCRANTON, PA, 18505-6561248-359-3900
ALLIED UNDERWRITERS Claims mailing addressPO BOX 3804, OMAHA , NE, 68103877-234-4420
ALTERNATIVE SERVICE Claims mailing address2000 MALLORY LN, FRANKLIN, TN, 37067-8209734-464-0427
AMERISURE W/C Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 1515, CANONSBURG, PA, 15317800-257-1900
ASU GROUP WORKERS COMPENSATION Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 77, OKEMOS, MI, 48805 0077800-968-0278
Auto Owners Insurance WC Claims mailing addressP.O. Box 30510, Lansing, MI, 48909800-445-4185
B AND M ASHMAN Claims mailing address35803 VERONICA STREET, LIVONIA, MI, 48150734-542-1004
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY Claims mailing addressPO BOX 881716, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94188800-661-6029
BRENTWOOD INSURANCE WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 1125, BRENTWOOD, TN, 37024800-524-0604
BROADSPIRE Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 14645, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512734-420-6550
Broadspire Services Claims mailing addressP.O. Box 25104, Lehigh Valley, PA, 18002-5104734-420-6550
BUNCH AND ASSOCIATES INC. W/C Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 32045, LAKELAND, FL, 33802866-551-1364
CANNON COCHRAN MGMT SERVICES, INC. Claims mailing address2364 WOODLAKE DRIVE, OKEMOS, MI, 48864517-347-2343
CAPITOL INDEMNITY CORP Claims mailing addressPO BOX 5900, MADISON, WI, 537050900608-829-4834
CHARTIS INSURANCE Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 1830, ALPHARETTA, GA, 30032877-867-3783
Citizens Insurance Company-WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 15144, WORCESTER, MA, 01615-0144800-628-0250
CLAIMS DEPT OF LABOR Claims mailing addressPO BOX 8300, LONDON, KY, 40742
CLAIMS MANAGEMENT INC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 1288, BENTONVILLE, AR, 72712-9989888-213-7534
CMI Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 620, HOWELL , MI, 48844
COMP ONE ADMIN Claims mailing addressP O BOX 2530, OKEMOS, MI, 48805888-298-9043
COMPREHENSIVE RISK SERVICES Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 505, NOVI, MI, 48376800-737-9875
CONSUMERS ENERGY Claims mailing addressWORKERS COMP DEPT EP6-223, JACKSON, MI, 49201248-433-5760
Continental Indemnity Company WC Claims mailing addressP.O. Box 3804, Omaha, NE, 68103877-234-4420
COVENTRY WORKERS COMP SERVICES Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 3055, TAMPA, FL, 33630-3055800-390-0561
DB & D Claims mailing address1121 NORTH MICHIGAN, SAGINAW, MI, 48602
EMC WORKERS COMP Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 30546, LANSING, MI, 48909517-908-4800
ESIS Insurance INC WORKERS COMPENSATION Claims mailing addressP O BOX 6561, SCRANTON, PA, 185056561ESIS Worker Comp Phone Number: 248-455-8016
ESIS Insurance-GM Claims mailing address300 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI, 48265-3000ESIS Worker Comp Phone Number: 800-888-0164
EVANS, CRAVEN & LACKIE PS Claims mailing address818 W RIVERSIDE, SPOKANE, WA, 99201509-455-5200
FCCI INSURANCE GROUP Claims mailing addressPO BOX 58004, SARATOSA, FL, 34232800-226-3221
FORD MOTOR COMPANY Claims mailing addressWORKERS COMPENSTION DEPT , DEARBORN, MI, 481210607800-508-2065
FRED M ROSEN PC Claims mailing address535 GRISWOLD ST, DETROIT, MI, 48226313-961-8900
GALLAGHER BASSETT Claims mailing address1630 DES PERES RD, ST LOUIS, MO, 63131800-333-6137
GALLAGHER BASSETT Claims mailing address MCSP.O. BOX 23812, TUSCAN, AZ, 85734800-370-0594
GM BENEFITS & SERVICE CENTER Claims mailing addressPO BOX 14607, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512248-223-6837
Grange Insurance WC Claims mailing address2121 E. CAPTIOL DRIVE, APPLETON, WI, 54912-0539800-343-1741
GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE GROUP Claims mailing addressPO BOX 5432 , CINCINNATI , OH, 45201800-545-4269
HCR MANOR CARE/WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 10086, TOLEDO, OH, 43699800-427-1902
HMC / WORKER’S COMPENSATION OFFICE Claims mailing address1 HURLEY PLAZA, FLINT, MI, 48503810-262-9177
HURLEY MEDICAL CENTER WORK COMP Claims mailing address1 HURLEY PLAZA, FLINT, MI, 48503810-262-9177
KORE INDUSTRIAL Claims mailing addressPO BOX 249, DAVISON, MI, 48423517-281-1321
LIBERTY MUTUAL – WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 7205, LONDON, KY, 40742800-291-2910
MACKINAW ADMINISTRATORS LLC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 489, BRIGHTON, MI, 48116810-844-8129
MACYS CLAIM SERVICES-WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 3069, CINCINNATI, OH, 45201800-677-0693
MARKEL FIRST COMP Claims mailing addressPO BOX 3188, OMAHA , NE, 68103888-500-3344
MCIM Claims mailing addressPO BOX 1227, CANONSBURG, PA, 15317517-886-0315
MCMC LLC Claims mailing address2000 MALLORY LN , FRANKLIN , TN, 37067-8231615-399-8658
MEIJER WORKMANS COMPENSATION Claims mailing addressPO BOX 3260, GRAND RAPIDS , MI, 49501810-658-5409
MICHIGAN INSURANCE CO Claims mailing addressPO BOX 252120, GRAND RAPIDS, MI, 49515888-606-6426
MINUTE MEN HR Claims mailing address3740 CARNEGIE AVE, CLEVELAND, OH, 44115216-452-0100
MTM Workers Comp Claims mailing addressP.O. Box 9150, Farmington Hills, MI, 48333800-274-5606
NEW YORK STATE INSURANCE FUND Claims mailing address105 CORPORATE PARK DR, WHITE PLAINS, NY, 10604914-701-2120
NORTH AMERICAN RISK SERVICES- WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 945055, MAITLAND, FL, 32794800-315-6090
PATRIOT RISK SERVICE Claims mailing addressMCMC, CANONSBURG, PA, 15317866-243-5410
Protective Insurance Co. (WC) Claims mailing address1099 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN, 46204800-644-5501
Rich Logistics Claims mailing address6011 Scott Hamilton Drive, Little Rock, AR, 72209501-569-9910
RISING FINANCIAL Claims mailing address700 WEST VIRGINIA STREET SUITE 401, MILWAUKEE, WI, 53204877-672-4404
SEDGWICK Claims mailing address CMSATTN MICHELLE PEREZ, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512Sedgwick Claims Phone Number: 469-524-4480
SEDGWICK Claims mailing address CMS – MO claimsP.O. BOX 14562, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512Sedgwick Claims Phone Number: 866-856-4835
SEDGWICK Claims mailing address CMS WORKERS COMPENSATIONPO BOX 14452, LEXINGTON, KY, 405124452Sedgwick Claims Phone Number: 513-483-5146
SEDGWICK Claims mailing address WORKMANS COMPPO BOX 14459, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512Sedgwick Claims Phone Number: 262-785-4811
SENTRY CLAIMS-WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 8032, STEVENS POINT, WI, 54481-8032800-739-3344
SPECIALITY RISK SERVICES Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 4963, SYRACUSE, NY, 13221888-777-4789
SPEEDWAY WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 182480, COLUMBUS, OH, 43218614-793-5458
SRS MEDBILL-WC Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 14205, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512800-826-4338
STANDARD FIRE INSURANCE CO Claims mailing addressPO BOX 50472, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 46250800-238-6208
THE HARTFORD WORKERS COMPENSATION Claims mailing addressPO BOX 14170, LEXINGTON, KY, 40512800-327-3636
TRAVELERS WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 50472, INDIANAPOLIS, IN, 46250800-238-6210
UNDERWRITERS SAFETY AND CLAIMS INC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 37069, TALLAHASSEE , FL, 32315850-385-2947
UNIT CORP- ESIS, INC Claims mailing address7130 South Lewis Suite 1000, Tulsa, OK, 74136800-331-3897
WESTFIELD INSURANCE CO WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 3098, MILWAUKEE, WI, 53201734-591-8122
WHITE MOUNTAIN SOLUTIONS INC Claims mailing address628 HEBRON AVE, GLASTONBURY, CT, 6033860-368-2013
WORK CONNECTIONS Claims mailing address400 FOURTH STREET ARGUS II BLDG, ANN ARBOR, MI, 48103734-615-0643
WYOMING WORKERS COMPENSATION Claims mailing addressP O BOX 20070, CHEYANNE, WY, 820037001307-777-6764
York Risk Services Group WC Claims mailing addressPO BOX 803355, Dallas, TX, 75380866-391-9675
ZURICH – AMERICAN INSURANCE CO. W/C Claims mailing addressP.O. BOX 66941, CHICAGO, IL, 60666800-382-2150


In short, the Above table can help you to choose the correct Worker Compensation Insurance claims address and phone number. using this table you can lot of hold time reaching the payor. Importantly, You can also choose the correct claims mailing address and phone number to bill the claim for payment. In the next post you will get new information about Account receivable so stay tuned.


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