Does cigna cover skin removal surgery?


Are you considering skin removal surgery and wondering if your Cigna insurance will cover the costs? Look no further! In this blog post, we will dive deep into the world of skin removal procedures, examine Cigna’s coverage criteria, and explore alternative options for those ineligible for insurance coverage.

Unveil the answers to your pressing questions as we guide you through the process of understanding how Cigna can help reshape your life following significant weight loss.

Key Takeaways

  • Cigna insurance covers skin removal surgery if deemed medically necessary, but pre – authorization requirements must be met beforehand.
  • Factors that can impact Cigna’s approval of skin removal surgery include the patient’s BMI, history of weight loss, and health complications related to excess skin.
  • Alternatives to Cigna coverage for skin removal surgery include financing options and medical tourism, but it’s important to thoroughly research these options before proceeding.

Understanding Skin Removal Surgery

Skin removal surgery, also known as body contouring or skin reduction surgery, is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess skin and fat from the body.

What Is Skin Removal Surgery?

Skin removal surgery, also known as body contouring or skin tightening procedures, is a blanket term for various surgical interventions aimed at removing excess skin from different parts of the body.

These surgeries typically become necessary after significant weight loss has left an individual with sagging and loose skin that is resistant to diet and exercise efforts.

For instance, consider someone who has successfully undergone bariatric surgery or followed a strict weight loss regimen; they may experience dramatic changes in their physique but still contend with stubborn pockets of extra skin.

This can lead to self-consciousness about their appearance, as well as physical discomfort due to chafing and irritation caused by the hanging folds of skin.

Who Is A Candidate For Skin Removal Surgery?

Skin removal surgery is typically recommended for people who have lost a significant amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise, and are left with excess skin that cannot be eliminated through these methods alone.

Candidates for skin removal surgery may also suffer from physical discomfort or hygiene issues due to the loose skin folds.

It’s important to note that skin removal surgery is not considered a “quick fix” solution for weight loss but rather a final step in achieving one’s desired body shape. Ideal candidates should be in good overall health, maintain a stable weight for at least six months before the procedure, and have realistic expectations about the outcome of their surgery.

Benefits Of Skin Removal Surgery

Skin removal surgery, also known as body contouring, can have numerous benefits for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss or have excess skin due to aging.

It can help improve their quality of life by increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

In addition to the physical benefits, skin removal surgery may also lead to improved mental health outcomes with patients reporting improved body image and reduced anxiety over their appearance.

Cigna Insurance Coverage For Skin Removal Surgery

Cigna insurance covers skin removal surgery, but it depends on whether the procedure is deemed medically necessary or cosmetic and pre-authorization requirements must be met beforehand.

What Does Cigna Cover?

Cigna insurance coverage for skin removal surgery varies depending on the individual’s specific policy. In general, Cigna covers skin removal surgery if it’s deemed medically necessary to improve a person’s overall health and well-being.

This may include procedures such as panniculectomy, which removes excess skin from the lower abdomen after significant weight loss or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), which tightens loose abdominal muscles and removes excess skin.

However, cosmetic procedures like breast reduction or body contouring are typically not covered unless they meet certain medical necessity criteria.

Criteria For Medically Necessary Vs. Cosmetic Surgery

Insurance companies like Cigna typically cover medically necessary surgeries, but not necessarily cosmetic ones. So when it comes to skin removal surgery, the criteria for determining whether it’s medically necessary or cosmetic can be a gray area.

Generally speaking, if you have excess skin that is causing health problems such as rashes or infections, insurance will likely consider the surgery to be medically necessary.

On the other hand, if you simply want to improve your appearance after weight loss without any medical complications involved, insurance may not cover the cost of the procedure.

Pre-Authorization Requirements For Skin Removal Surgery

Before undergoing skin removal surgery, it is important to understand the pre-authorization requirements set by Cigna. The insurance provider requires patients to fulfill certain criteria before approving them for this type of surgery.

One of the primary requirements is demonstrating a medical necessity for the procedure.

In addition, Cigna may require documentation that shows weight loss history and any related health complications caused by excess skin. Patients are also required to obtain a referral from their primary care physician and seek out board-certified plastic surgeons who are approved by Cigna.

Factors Affecting Cigna’s Approval Of Skin Removal Surgery

Factors that can impact Cigna’s approval of skin removal surgery include the patient’s BMI, history of weight loss, and health complications related to excess skin.

Body Mass Index (BMI) And Its Role

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. It plays an important role in determining if you are eligible for skin removal surgery covered under Cigna insurance.

Generally, patients with a BMI over 30 may be required to lose weight before undergoing plastic surgeries like skin removal surgery, as it can increase the risk of complications during and after the procedure.

However, each case is unique, and your individual health circumstances will influence approval for coverage.

History Of Weight Loss As A Factor

Your history of weight loss is one of the factors that can affect Cigna’s approval of skin removal surgery. If you have lost a significant amount of weight, whether through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, excess skin might be causing medical complications such as infections and rashes.

In this case, skin removal surgery may be considered medically necessary and Cigna would cover it under your policy. However, if you have not yet achieved your target weight loss or lost the weight through cosmetic procedures like liposuction rather than through lifestyle changes, insurance coverage for skin removal will be harder to obtain.

Health Complications Related To Excess Skin

Excess skin can cause a variety of health complications, including rashes, infections, and mobility issues. The weight of the excess skin can also lead to back pain and poor posture.

Moreover, many patients who have lost significant amounts of weight may have underlying medical conditions or comorbidities that are exacerbated by the excess skin.

For example, diabetes and high blood pressure are common among post-bariatric surgery patients. Removing the excess skin not only improves physical appearance but also alleviates these health risks associated with loose and saggy skin.

Alternatives To Cigna Coverage For Skin Removal Surgery

If Cigna does not cover your skin removal surgery, there are still options available such as financing the procedure or exploring medical tourism.

Financing Options For Skin Removal Surgery

For those who are not covered by their insurance or whose insurance does not fully cover skin removal surgery, financing options can help make the procedure more affordable.

Many plastic surgery practices offer financing plans that allow patients to pay for their surgery in installments over time.

Another option is medical tourism, which involves traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery at a lower cost than traditional American prices. Patients should research potential destinations carefully and ensure that they are receiving care from a reputable provider before making any commitments.

Medical Tourism As An Option

For those who may not have insurance coverage for skin removal surgery or are looking for more cost-effective options, medical tourism is a viable option. Medical tourism refers to traveling abroad to receive medical treatment at less expensive rates than in the United States.

However, it’s essential to do thorough research before embarking on this journey. One must ensure that they choose reputable hospitals and board-certified plastic surgeons who adhere to international standards and regulations.

Additionally, carefully consider all costs involved in travel time, lodging accommodations, and postoperative care expenses when considering medical an option.

Finding Cigna Approved Plastic Surgeons For Skin Removal Surgery

To make the most of your Cigna insurance coverage for skin removal surgery, it’s important to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who is approved by your insurance provider – keep reading to learn about the best ways to locate these specialists!

How To Locate Cigna Approved Plastic Surgeons

Finding a plastic surgeon who is covered by Cigna insurance can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that your skin removal surgery is covered. One way to locate Cigna-approved plastic surgeons is by visiting the official Cigna website and searching for providers in your area.

Before finalizing on a plastic surgeon, be sure to research their qualifications and credentials thoroughly. Look for board-certified plastic surgeons as they have undergone rigorous training and testing to meet industry standards.

Read reviews from past patients about their experiences with the surgeon, how supported they felt throughout the process, and what kind of results they achieved. A reputable plastic surgeon will be transparent about their financial policies, including consultation fees, preauthorization requirements, and insurance claim processes.

Research And Read Reviews For Plastic Surgeons

It is vital to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for skin removal surgery, and this entails doing some research. To find Cigna approved surgeons, you can visit their website or call customer service.

You can also check out independent review websites like RealSelf or Healthgrades for unbiased feedback on surgeons. Before booking an appointment with any surgeon, try to schedule a consultation where you can ask questions about their experience with skin removal surgery and see before-and-after photos of patients they have treated in the past.


In conclusion, Cigna does cover skin removal surgery under certain circumstances. It is important to understand what skin removal surgery entails and whether it is medically necessary or cosmetic.

Factors such as BMI, weight loss history, and health complications related to excess skin can affect Cigna’s approval of the surgery. While financing options and medical tourism may be alternatives to insurance coverage, finding a board-certified plastic surgeon that is approved by Cigna can help streamline the process.

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