Do health insurance covers cosmetic surgery (2023)

do insurance covers plastic surgey in full 2021

Do insurance Covers Cosmetic Surgery  (2022)

When you think of Health insurance that covers cosmetic surgery in full 2022, it is always very important to understand and observe that your ordinary health insurance you opted for, does not pay most treatment if it is meant only for cosmetic purposes.

You have to choose  a separate insurance policies that will cover all the procedure. Don’t worry you will get a best cosmetic insurance below. But, before read all the terms and conditions  to get clarified. I have added few examples cosmetic surgery below that is covered by the insurance norms.

Cosmetic surgery’s like Tucking tummy, Raising butt, and breast structure enhancement are not considered and covered by regular insurance type.

Importance of complication insurance (2022)

You should always think it is medically necessary in any way. Mostly the treatment can give you good results what you expect, just in case anything unexpected happens during the surgical procedure. Complications insurance will cover all your costs occurs during the time of surgery or after the procedure.

So, it is important to have a Complication insurance where you will get paid for unexpected moment. You don’t have to pay a single penny for any complications.

Success rate in plastic surgery in (2022)

Success rate in plastic surgery depends on the place and Surgeon who do it, Considering the low cost many people blindly get the surgery  and complaints about the result. Actual reason is because of non certified and in experience surgeon.

You should always remember that a cosmetic surgery is an investment in yourself. Consulting a surgeon with ample of experience and has a good customer success rate is major key to focus. Check this success rate of plastic surgery (2020) for better understanding.

Platic Surgery success rate statistics 2021

Types of Cosmetic surgery (2022)

  • Breast Reduction
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Ear Surgery
  • Facial Surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Nose Surgery

How do you ensure that your plastic surgery is covered by health insurance before you plan surgery?

plastic surgery success rate

1.   Firstly you should contact your health insurance representative directly or fix a appointment to find out coverage Terms and Condition for  plastic surgery/Cosmetic surgery.

2. Ask them a detailed quote structure with a overall cost estimation for your Cosmetic surgery procedure. It could help you to compare your policy with other insurances.

3. Most important part is you have to check your deductible  in case of coverage.

4. Be aware of the maximum pay required and the expected  percentage  payment  of the process.

5. Find out the medicines that are used  like pain killers and analyze the cost of purchase.

6. Confirm the insurance, will they pay a part of your procedure benefits. So that rest can be paid by you. This cost sharing guidance can be obtained from doctors.

7. Always get a written attested copy of your coverage from insurance never go by words .Never assume things unless your health insurance  confirms it.


Most insurance will not cover your Cosmetic surgery, You have to get a private insurance like Cigna and get covered. Instead of surgery you can get covered for Complications, Post surgical injuries. However, insurance always depends on whether it is a Reconstruction or preserving your quality of life. If it is medically necessary then it will be covered for sure.





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