BCBS Provider Phone Number list updated (2023)

Without the Correct phone number reaching the correct payer is impossible with Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance. To save time and incorrect billing process you can check the below table for the insurance numbers along with the respective states of the BCBS.

The first column represents the states of the US and the second column is the insurance name and the Third column represents the Phone number.

United States Lists Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) Company Names Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) Phone Number – Provider
Alabama Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Alabama (AL) In-State phone number:
800-760-6852 (Hospitals)
877-231-7239 (Providers)IVR(Participating):
800-517-6425(Out of State Number)IVR(Non-Participating):
205-733-7016Out of State Number:
IVR: 800-517-6425FEP: 800-492-8872National Accounts: 800-548-0165

800-373-4879 (PPO)
205-985-5378 (Non-PPO)
888-783-5113 (Out of State Number)

Home Care Agency:
877-231-7239 (Par)
205-733-7016 (Non-Par)

Provider Credentialing: 205-220-6765

Behavioral: 888-611-6285


All Kids:

PEEHIP: 800-327-3994

Healthspring: 800-668-3813

MedImpact: 877-606-0727

Alaska Premera Blue Cross (BC) of Alaska (AK) 877-342-5258

FEP: 800-562-1011

Medicare Advantage plan Number: 888-850-8526

Medicare Supplement Number: 877-342-5258

Blue card number Number: 888-261-9562

National Accounts Number: 800-713-5373

Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Alaska Number: 800-722-4714

Alaska Premera Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Alaska (AK) 800-722-4714

Blue card number:
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)
888-261-9562 (Claims)

FEP: 800-562-1011

National Accounts: 800-713-5373

Pharmacy: 888-261-1756

Arizona Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Arizona (AZ) Phoenix: 800-232-2345
Tucson: 800-752-0193
Flagstaff: 800-423-6484
Arkansas Arkansas (AR) Blue Cross Blue Line: 800-827-4814

FEP: 800-482-6655

Health Advantage:800-843-1329

Blue card number: 800-810-2583

California Anthem Blue Cross(BC) of California (CA) Providers: 800-677-6669

FEP: 800-824-8839

Health insurance Market place a.k.a exchanges: 855-854-1438

Blue card number(Out of Area):
800-444-2726 (Claims)
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)

CalPERS: 877-737-7776

Senior services:
Medicare Advantage plan Anthem Medicare Preferred(PPO): 877-811-3107
Medicare Supplement: 800-333-3883

Third-Party Liability Claims -Meridian: 800-645-9785

Workers Compensation: 855-766-3719

California Blue Shield (BS) of California (CA) 800-541-6652

Blue card number: 800-622-0632

FEP: 800-824-8839

Blue Shield Life and Health Insurance: 866-510-8778

Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan: 818-228-5014

Colorado Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Colorado (CO) Local and IntraPlan: 877-833-5742
Bluecard/National: 888-817-3717
Health Insurance Marketplace/Affordable Care act: 855-854-1438
FEP: 800-852-5957
Dental: 866-947-9398
Vision: 866-723-0515
Medicare Supplement: 866-438-9969
Anthem MediBlue: 888-346-0095
HMO Colorado Guest Membership: 800-827-6422
Connecticut Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Connecticut (CT) Local Anthem Plans:
Professional number: 800-922-3242
Facilities: 800-345-2227
Medical Management: 800-238-2227Medicare Advantage plan plan:
844-421-5662 (MediBlue(Dual advantage/Care On-site/ESRD))
833-848-8730 (Anthem Medicare Preferred PPO)Blue Care Prime:
800-922-2232 (HMO-POS)
800-922-3242 (HMO-POE)Small group and Individual Plan: 855-854-1438New England Health Plan(NEHP):
800-238-2465 (Claims)
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)Tri-state:
Anthem Maine: 800-832-6011
New Hampshire: 800-332-6558

Blue card number:
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)
800-895-9915 (Claims)

Taft-Harley/Teamsters: 888-287-0032

FEP: 800-438-5356

MediBlue HMO: 866-673-4157

MediBlue PPO: 855-558-1437

Behavioral health: 800-934-0331

Dental: 800-548-0642

Vision: 888-799-6290

Costa Rica Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Costa Rica (CR) 844-622-2727

Blue card number:


Delaware Highmark Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Delaware (DE) 800-346-6262

FEP: 800-721-8005

Florida Florida (FL) Blue 800-727-2227
Georgia Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Georgia (GA) 800-284-2609/800-241-7475

EDI: 800-470-9630

Provider Credentialing: 800-516-7587

Hawaii HMSA Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) IVR:
800-790-4672(Neighbor Islands)BlueCard:
800-648-3190(Neighbor Islands)QUEST:
800-440-0640(Neighbor Islands)
Idaho Blue Cross (BC) of Idaho (ID) 866-482-2250
Illinois Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Illinois (IL) Provider: 800-972-8088
Eligibility: 800-676-2583
FEP: 800-972-8382Government Programs:
Blue Cross Community: 877-860-2837
Blue Cross Community Medicare Medicaid Plan: 877-723-7702
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan: 877-774-8592
Indiana Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Indiana (IN) Local: 800-345-4344 (Blue Access/Preferred/Traditional)
Off Exchange-Small group: 855-854-1438 (Blue Access PPO and Blue Preferred HMO)
HealthSync: 800-345-4344 (HMO/POS)
Associates: 877-875-1223 (HRA/HSA)
National: 800-676-2583
Blue card number: 866-594-0521
FEP: 800-382-5520
Medicare Supplement: 866-649-2033
Medicare Advantage plan: 844-421-5662
Healthy Indiana Plan: 800-345-4344
Hoosier Healthwise: 866-408-6132
Hoosier Care Connect: 844-284-1798
Kansas Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Kansas City 816-395-3929
Blue card number: 800-320-9550
Medicare Advantage plan: 866-508-7140
Pharmacy: 816-395-2176
Kansas Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Kansas 800-432-3990
FEP: 800-432-0379
Kentucky Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Kentucky (KY) Anthem:
888-650-4133 (Blue Access(PPO), Enhanced Choice KY(PPO), Blue Preferred(HMO), Traditional)866-848-1057(Medicare Supplement)Blue HPN(High-Performance Network): 833-578-4443Anthem Medicare Advantage plan:
844-421-5662 (Individual Business)
800-676-2583 (Group Business)Anthem IN Medicaid/Hoosier health wise: 866-408-6131Anthem Kentucky Medicaid: 855-661-2028

Blue card number: 866-594-0521

National accounts: 800-676-2583

Exchange(Kentucky/Indiana): 855-854-1438

FEP: 800-456-3967

Healthy Indiana Plan: 800-345-4344

Appalachian Regional Health care: 833-832-2455

Chamber Advantage: 844-230-3689

Norton Health care: 844-344-7416

Anthem Dental: 888-209-7854

Louisiana Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Louisiana (LA) 800-495-2583
Maine Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Maine (ME) Local Anthem Plans: 800-832-6011
Medicare Supplement Plan: 888-596-0271
Health Insurance Exchange: 855-854-1438
NEHP: 888-567-1834
Eligibility: 800-676-2583Tristate:
Connecticut: 800-922-3242(Professional number), 800-345-2227(Institutional)
New Hampshire: 800-332-6558
Blue card number: 877-795-1881FEP: 800-722-0203Medicare Advantage plan:
855-310-2472(HMO)Taft-Hartley/Teamsters: 888-287-0032Provider Credentialing: 800-832-6011
Maryland Carefirst Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Maryland (MD), District of Columbia (DC) and Northern Virginia (VA) 800-842-5975/202-479-6560

National Accounts: 877-228-7268

FEP: 800-854-5256

Blue card number:
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)
877-228-7268 (Out of area)

Medicare Advantage plan: 855-290-5744

Provider Credentialing: 877-269-9593

Massachusetts Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts (MA) Physicians: 800-882-2060
Facilities: 800-451-8123
Ancillary Providers: 800-451-8124Dental: 800-882-1178
Blue card number: 800-676-2583
Michigan Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) Blue Care Network Michigan (MI) Physician and Professional number:
Michigan Providers Number: 800-344-8525
Outside Michigan Number: 800-676-2583Hospital or facilities:
Michigan Providers: 800-249-5103
Outside Michigan: 800-676-2583Eligibility: 800-676-2583
Blue Cross Complete: 888-312-5713
FEP provider and facilities: 800-840-4505
Vision and Hearing Providers: 800-482-4047
Pharmacy Provider Inquiry: 800-437-3803 Option 2
DME: 877-514-0159
Medicare Plus Blue PPO: 866-309-1719
Medicare Plus Blue PPO Vision: 800-877-7195Dental Provider Inquiry:
844-876-7917 (Medicare Advantage plan)
Minnesota Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Minnesota (MN) 800-262-0820

Blue card number: 800-676-2583

Mississippi Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Mississippi (MS) 800-257-5825

EDI: 800-826-4068

FEP: 800-932-7724

Missouri Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Missouri (MO) Anthem: 888-571-9054 (Exchange/Business/Alliance)

Medicare Advantage plan:

Blue card number: 866-791-2292

FEP: 800-392-8043

National Accounts: 800-676-2583

Dental Provider: 866-947-9398

Vision: 866-723-0515

Montana Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Montana (MT) 800-447-7828


Healthy Montana Kids: 855-258-3489

Medicare Advantage plan:
877-774-8592 (Individual)
877-299-1008 (Group)

TriWest: 866-651-4977

Nebraska Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Nebraska (NE) 877-435-7258

FEP: 800-223-5584

Medicare Advantage plan: 888-505-2022

Nevada Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Nevada (NV) Local and IntraPlan: 877-833-5742
Bluecard/National: 888-817-3717
Health Insurance Marketplace/Affordable Care act: 855-854-1438
Medicare Supplement: 866-438-9969
Teamsters: 800-688-3828
HMO-Nevada-Guest-Membership/Away-from-Home-care: (800)827-6422
FEP: 800-727-4060
Dental: 866-947-9398
FEP Dental: 888-209-7854
Vision: 866-723-0515
New Hampshire Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of New Hampshire (NH) Local Anthem Plans: 800-332-6558
Health Insurance(Exchange/ACA): 855-854-1438
NEHP: 800-238-2465
Eligibility: 800-676-2583Tristate:
Connecticut: 800-922-3242(Professional number), 800-345-2227(Facility)
Maine: 800-832-6011Blue card number: 877-417-8489FEP: 800-852-3316Medicare Advantage plan: 844-421-5662(HMO/LPPO)Taft-Hartley/Teamsters: 888-287-0032

1099’s: 888-246-4893

Vision: 800-521-3605

New Jersey Horizon Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of New Jersey (NJ) Provider: 800-624-1110
Facility: 888-666-2535
New Mexico Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of New Mexico (NM) 888-349-3706 (IVR)
Government Programs:
800-693-0663 (Blue Cross Community Centennial)
877-774-8592 (Medicare Advantage plan)
New York Empire Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of New York (NY) 800-992-2583(Direct HMO/MediBlue/Medicare Advantage plan/POS/EPO/PPO)

Blue card number:

Traditional Indemnity: 800-343-7283

New York Excellus Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of New York (NY) 800-662-1220

Medicare: 877-883-9577

Other Members: 800-499-1275

Blue Option Plus:
800-650-4359 (SafetyNet)
800-662-1220 (SafetyNet Relay)

New York-Western Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Western New York (WNY) 800-950-0052

FEP: 800-234-6008

New York-Northeastern Blue Shield (BS) of Northeastern New York (NeNY) 800-444-4552
Blue card number: 800-429-9886
Government Programs: 877-327-1395
North Carolina Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of North Carolina (NC) In-State phone number: 800-214-4844
Out of State Number: 800-487-5522FEP: 800-222-4739
North Dakota Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of North Dakota (ND) 800-368-2312
Ohio Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Ohio (OH) Individual and Group Policies: 888-290-9160
CDHP/HDHP Plans: 888-224-4902On Exchange/Off Exchange: 855-854-1438Anthem Associates/National Accounts(non-Auto): 800-676-2583Blue card number: 866-594-0521FEP: 800-451-7602/800-242-9635Medicare Supplement: 800-345-4344

Medicare Advantage plan:
Employer Group: 800-467-1199/833-794-0312/833-848-8730
Individual: 844-421-5662

Oklahoma Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Oklahoma (OK) 800-496-5774

FEP: 800-722-3130

Blue card number: 800-676-2583

Oregon Idaho Utah and Washington Regence Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) 800-253-0838
Uniform Medicaid Plan: 888-849-3682Blue card number Out of area:
800-782-8211 (Utah)
800-206-1244 (Washington)FEP: 877-668-4651Blue card number: 800-676-2583
Pennsylvania Highmark Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Pennsylvania (PA)
Highmark Blue Shield (BS) of Pennsylvania (PA)
Western region:
Professional number: 800-547-3627
Facility: 800-242-0514Central and Northeastern region:
Professional number: 866-731-8080
Facility: 866-803-3708Eastern region:
866-975-7290Medicare Advantage plan:
866-588-6967(Freedom Blue PPO/Community Blue Medicare PPO/Plus PPO)
866-517-8585(Security Blue HMO)
888-234-5374(Community Blue Medicare HMO)FEP: 866-763-3608
Pennsylvania Independence Blue Cross(BC) of Philadelphia(Phi) and Southeastern Pennsylvania(PA) 800-275-2583(Personal Choice PPO/Keystone Health Plan East HMO/POS)
FEP: 215-241-4400
800-645-3965 (Keystone 65 HMO/POS)
888-718-3333 (Personal Choice 65 PPO)
888-926-1212 (Medigap)
Pennsylvania Capital Blue Cross of Pennsylvania (PA) 800-874-8433
Puerto Rico Triple-S SALUD Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Puerto Rico (PR) Triple-S Salud: 877-357-9777

Advantage: 855-886-7474

Plan vital: 844-263-6063

Rhode Island Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Rhode Islanad (RI) Blue Line:
800-676-2583 (Out of State Number)Provider: 844-420-3721Facility: 844-425-7340FEP: 800-377-4418Dental: 800-831-2400Behavioral Health: 844-427-2205
South Carolina Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of South Carolina (SC) / Southcarolinablues Voice Response Unit:
South Carolina: 800-868-2510
Columbia/Lexington: 803-788-8562
Outside South Carolina: 800-334-2583
Blue Choice: 800-868-2528
Blue card number: 800-676-2583
State Health Plan: 800-444-4311
FEP: 888-930-2345
South Dakota and IOWA Wellmark 800-524-9242

Iowa Providers:
800-362-2218 (PPO/HMO)
FEP: 800-532-1537

South Dakota Providers:
800-771-3892 (In-State phone number)
800-774-3892 (Out of State Number)
FEP: 888-800-1359

Tennessee Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Tennessee (TN) Commercial: 800-924-7141
FEP: 800-831-2583
Medicare Advantage plan: 800-924-7141
Medicaid with Medicare(Bluecare Plus): 800-299-1407
Medicaid(Bluecare): 800-468-9736
TennCare Select: 800-276-1978
Coverkids: 800-924-7141
Bluecare Choices/ECF Choices: 888-747-8955
Select Community: 800-292-8196Bluecard:
800-705-0391 (Claims)Dental: 800-788-6884Behavioral Health: 800-367-3403
Texas Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Texas (TX) 800-451-0287 (IVR)
877-774-8592 (Blue Cross Medicare Advantage plan)
877-560-8055 (Texas STAR, CHIP)
877-784-6802 (STAR Kids)Blue card number: 800-676-2583 (Eligibility)Blue Choice: 800-451-0287 (Eligibility)
Vermont Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Vermont (VT) 800-924-3494

BlueCard: 800-395-3389
800-676-2583 (Eligibility)
FEP: 800-328-0365

Vermont Blue Advantage: 844-839-5122

Vermont Health Connect: 855-899-9600

Virginia Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Virginia (VA) Anthem Healthkeepers:
Commercial HMO: 833-592-9956/833-597-2358/800-533-1120
Commercial HMO PathwayX Tiered Hospital: 855-856-9286
HMO: 844-824-9780Anthem:
PPO/HMO: 833-597-2358
PPO: 855-856-9286Anthem MediBlue Plus(Individuals) HMO: 844-421-5662Anthem Medicare Preferred(Group) PPO: 855-363-0724LODA(PPO): 800-552-2682Commonwealth coordinated Medicaid HMO: 855-323-4687

Anthem Keycare PPO: 800-552-2682/800-533-1120

Medicare Advantage plan PPO/MediBlue Dual Advantage: 844-421-5662

Anthem Blue care: 800-533-1120

Anthem Lumenos: 800-582-6941

Anthem Healthkeeper Plus: 800-901-0020

Anthem Medicare Supplement: 800-451-0361

COVA/TLC Medicare Supplement: 800-552-2682

West Virginia Highmark Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of West Virginia (WVA) 800-543-7822
Medicare Advantage plan Freedom Blue PPO: 888-459-4020
FEP: 800-535-5266
Wisconsin Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Wisconsin (WI) Group Policies:
833-214-8950 (Well Priority)Individual Policies:
855-854-1438(Off-Exchange)Small group policies: 855-854-1438Blue card number: 866-791-2292FEP: 800-242-9635Medicare Supplement: 866-341-1053

Anthem Medicare Advantage plan: 833-848-8730

Anthem MediBlue Access/Plus/Dual Advantage: 844-421-5662

Anthem Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) Medicaid: 855-558-1443

Wyoming Blue cross blue shield (BCBS) of Wyoming (WY) 800-442-2376

Provider credentialing: 888-666-5188

FEP: 800-200-5220

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